Hi, I am Yassine. I like genuine smiles and impactful actions.

I am an Entrepreneur, Engineer, Ecosystem Builder, and impact Creator, passionate about helping entrepreneurs, social innovators, and impact makers to Start, Grow, Be Better, and Make an impact.

For many years, from multinational corporates to non-profit organizations and from startups to accelerators, I accumulated different experiences and learnings in many countries and projects that I am delighted to share with you.

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In my journey, and for my initiatives and projects, different resources, toolsbooks, and challenges helped me Start, Grow, Be Better, and Make an impactI am sure they can help you in your path as well.

Meanwhile, to Put your Mind into Action, be effective, be fulfilled, achieve, and get the most out of what you are doing, let’s focus on :

If, After reading those lines, you know who I am, I am so happy for you. Personally, I still don’t have one and I am giving myself a lifetime to discover, explore, grow, learn and find an answer, “if any…”

Now, you know me better :) I am a lifelong learner who likes to (re)think, learn, grow and share knowledge, experiences, tools, strategies, and insights. 

Let’s Put our Minds into Actions, Start, Grow, Make an Impact, and Be Better, Together!

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If you would like to get in touch with me for collaborations or to make a business proposal, please email me at contact@yassinebentaleb.com

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