impactdots impact

Impact DOTS

Sustainable Innovation | Social Entrepreneurship | Impact Investing

is a global impact platform connecting social entrepreneurs, impact investors, and sustainable leaders seeking social innovation, accelerated growth, and sustainable impact.


Entrepreneurship | Investment | Ecosystem

Atlaspreneur is an Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Platform connecting entrepreneurs and Investors, sharing opportunities, guides, tools, and resources, building connections, and partnerships and sharing learning experiences


Sustainable Impact | Volunteering | Industry of Impact

elathar (Impact in Arabic) is a platform that showcase impact makers and organizations, offer volunteering opportunities, enhance skills, and develop social inclusion

consomy ethical sustainable local products brands


Local Products | Responsible Brands | Sustainable Experiences

“Consume Better, Live Better”

Consomy is a leading conscious consumption platform bridging responsible buyers and conscious consumers with local products, responsible brands, and sustainable experiences


Women Empowerment | Economic Insertion | Social Inclusion

“Path of Bright Women “

Bahya  (Bright in Arabic) is a digital platform designed to inspire, encourage and empower women, showcasing inspiring paths, empowering women initiatives for economic integration and social inclusion, and creating resources for healthcare and wellness.

shemcy future skills jobs


Career Guidance | Study Counselling | Future Skills and Jobs

Shemcy platform helps you to take a “Step Towards your Future” by learning from past experiences, preparing present opportunities, and empowering future skills, through practical guides, resources, and effective tools

itizan mental health emotional intteligence


Emotional Intelligence | Mental Health | Well-being

itizan is the platform you need for your mental health and emotional intelligence in order to achieve balance in your personal and professional life with resources, guides and tools.


Morocco | Moroccans | Moroccology

“Morocco that inspires and Moroccans who aspire”

Moroccopreneur is a digital content platform about “Morocco that inspires and Moroccans who aspire”

100blooddonation blood donaton


Blood Donation | Giving | Saving Life

100BloodDonation started as personal commitment to donate blood 100 times in my lifetime. 
100BloodDonation is a platform for engaged Blood Donors (One pint of blood can save up to three lives). Always remember “You don’t need to be a doctor to save someone else’s life”